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Reverend Barbara Gilday
2300 I St.
Bellingham, WA 98225

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Operating Hours:
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Education and Credentials:
 - BA Psychology,

 - Master of Divinity,

 - Ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister,

 - Chaplain Specialist, CAPPE.,

 - Heart Centered Therapy, Certification.

 - Toastmasters International Competition Winner

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Statement of Beliefs:

Nowadays, we hear from a wide variety of sources about many wise, good hearted and generous people opening doors and creating a more global community. Although news headlines tell us every day about recession, scarcity, wars, etc., increasingly, multitudes of people are traveling to all corners of the earth and innumerable grass roots organizations are engaging in cooperative development with other cultures globally. At home, we are building communities of co-operation- community gardens, ride share cars, barter systems, etc. We are reconsidering our use of limited resources in more earth friendly living. The result is good news in the form of relationships, stories and wisdom shared from culture to culture and people to people creating more sustainable communities. This is bringing to us a new kind of wealth enriching all of us in a myriad of ways, which will be reflected by new vitality in our spirits, our relationships, the environment and the world.

My life's passion has been exploring connections, internally, in relationships and communities, and bringing various people and cultural groups together. I believe that we are all connected and that integration and healing on all levels, is a critical issue for all of us in this pivotal time of history. There are so many creative ways to do this. Rather than thinking that we can't do anything to change the world, I agree with current thinkers, who believe that grass roots efforts by thoughtful, ordinary people may be the most effective way to do so. Each of us has a role to play in this renaissance, no matter how large or small.

Wedding Officiant, Celebrant, Minister:

I have performed hundreds of wedding ceremonies in a variety of settings: in churches, on mountains- summer and winter, in gardens, destination locations and homes. In collaboration with couples, we craft a ceremony that reflects who they are and are becoming together. Prepared services are also available. Click on Weddings to see photos and couples' comments.

Heart Centered Therapy:

HCT is a spiritual and therapeutic process which assumes only love. It is client centered, seeking to open the blocks to personal integration using feelings and imagery and is grounded in the body. At each point of integration, the opportunity to re-story an old, painful story, shifts the energy and ability of the individual to be more effectively present in real time. Click on Heart Centered Therapy for more information and comments by clients.

Appreciative Inquiry:

In workshops or with couples or one on one, learn about when you are at your best, what makes life exciting, interesting invigorating, motivating and productive? In collecting stories of past successes you will become more open to your creativity, resourcefulness and wisdom and be able to create the most fulfilling future for yourself, whatever your age or stage. Click on Appreciative Inquiry for more information.

Public Speaking:

As a Public Speaker and Workshop Leader, I have given hundreds of presentations on life issues that we each face and on insights from travel experiences in a variety of settings. In the past 4 years, since returning to Africa, I have also been speaking about my trips with Global Citizen Journey to Nigeria and Ghana. As I taught in Ghana for 2 years in the 60's, my reflections span 40 years. Presentations are tailored for public meetings, organizations, churches and classrooms, and where appropriate, include PowerPoint photos. These talks are often part of workshops for integrative learning. My most recent project is presenting the life stories of some of the 31 men and women whom I interviewed and recorded on my 2007 trip with drama and narrative. Click on Speaking for more information.

African Projects:

Teaching in Ghana for 2 years in the 60's has sensitized me to our African sisters and brothers. Mother Africa calls for our presence today. When the opportunity came to engage in new projects there, it seemed that the time and the purpose were right. Accordingly, I have been involved in several projects in the last several years. It has not only been an experience of giving, but of receiving. Click on African Projects for more information.

Other Rites of Passage:

Marking the important events and passages in our lives, gives them meaning and closure. I am available to create personalized services for whatever your needs may be. Click on Other Rites of Passage to read more and read participant comments.